StreetLight Data Geospatial Metrics Datamart

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While at StreetLight Data, I designed a growth product experience that distilled the more complex geospatial interactions of the flagship transportation planning product into simple interactions for a more generalized audience, allowing for self-service and pricing per analyzed geometry.

Leaning on eCommerce patterns, I designed a datamart strategy that would power a flow in which users could simply select road segments or standard geometries like ZIP codes and then receive a suite of metrics about those geometries as opposed to building more powerful, but also more complex, queries in the flagship product.

The new product experience allowed the business to target a new class of customers beyond transportation engineering firms and government transportation agencies to retail businesses optimizing advertising spend or considering real estate purchases. It also became part of the transportation planning customer acquisition funnel, enabling a low-stakes investment that would bring transportation customers to the flagship product when they needed more complex analysis.