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Over the course of my time at Mindflash, I completely reshaped the product. Mindflash is a Learning Management System that allows users to put content into courses, create exams, distribute training, and then track the results.

In 2016, we shipped a UX overhaul that I spearheaded to resounding success: the redesigned product launched with complaints from existing customers, and our NPS improved signficantly once the first phase of the rollout was finished. To meet the needs of enterprise users, I introduced a more intuitive navigation pattern, contextually displayed metrics, powerful search functionality, configurable grids with bulk actions, and omni-directional user paths. Trainer-side mobile functionality was added so that trainers could manage individual trainees on the go.

In addition to the major overhaul, I also designed and shipped a completely new course arrangment and composition tool and redesigned the learner-side experience.

  • Dramatic reduction in clicks needed to accomplish tasks, as much as a two-thirds reduction for some flows.
  • Average ARR up from $1,800 when I started to $9,600 over the course of my tenure, with a significant portion of new customers willing to sign annual contracts and pay for specific features I designed in addition to base seat count.
  • Dual-track discovery/delivery product design process implemented that validated design decisions before building and ensuring ongoing improvment.
  • NPS improved by more than 10 points after our major enterprise-focused overhaul.