StreetLight Data

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I joined StreetLight Data as their first designer, and led a complete redesign of the StreetLight InSight traffic analysis application that helps transportation planners make data-driven decisions about project prioritzation by showing them the travel patterns of people in their municipalities. The effort included a completely reimagined iconography and map-driven interface that lets users query historical travel data on-demand, paired with an in-house-built cutting-edge map-driven visualization experience built on Mapbox.js to view the results of those queries.

Shown here are some screenshots of the live product as well as some of the iconographic and illustrative assets I and my team created to reinforce the conceptual understanding of the product and give it a unique voice. Get in touch for more detail.

  • Vast decrease in customer ramp-up time
  • Significant increase in customer satisfaction
  • Deprecation of third-party visualization software